Choice Roof Restoration For Ipswich

For your Ipswich Roof Restoration requirements, choose a company that is local and family-owned and operated; choose Choice Roof Restoration Qld. Working with efficiency and productivity, we have flourished as a thriving business with an extensive portfolio of clientele and we aim to achieve success for each and every client.  Specializing in all types of roofs, we conduct roof restorations of Tiled, Color bond and Zinc roofs. Looking after your roof is important as it’s your cover over your head and no one wants a leaky roof during those winter months or summer storms. Damaged roofs need repair, maintenance or a restoration getting this done sooner rather than later is beneficial before it becomes bigger and more costly task and you require a complete replacement. We operate with efficiency and professionalism and like to get the job accomplished right the first time. Highly-adept with delivering exceptional customer service, we can assess your requirements and provide you with recommendations for roof maintenance, repairs or restoration. Furthermore, looking after your roof is a cost-effective investment which will add value to your home or commercial property.


What Is Involved In An Ipswich Roof Restoration?

If your roof tiles have become dislodged or materials have worn over time, a roof restoration with us is the choice way to go. Whether it is your beloved home you live in or an investment property, an Ipswich roof restoration will increase the aesthetic appeal of your home or building while increasing the value of your property too. Utilising high-pressure guns to clean away all the debris of your roofing area such as moss, dirt and lichen, ensures a clean surface for the paint to bond to. Removal of cracked or chipped tiles is an important step, re-bedding if needed is done, lifting up all ridge caps, taking away the old cracked mortar and relaying a new bed to lay the ridge caps, making sure weep holes are drilled.  Re-pointing Ridge Caps with a flexi point to allow movement is the next step.  Primer/sealer is applied and two top coats of roof membrane in your selected colour are completed.  The roof gutters or valleys can deteriorate over time thus compromising the integrity of your roof. Choice Roof Restoration can replace these with new ones and help prevent leaking roofs and potential damage to your home or building structure. Replacing the Tiles, Colour bond or Zinc aspects which are damaged or deteriorated is part of our roof restoration service and we are proud to accomplish results for our clientele. We work safely with minimal risk to you adhering to the Occupational, Health and Safety (OH&S) regulations and guidelines.


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Meet The Team

As a local Ipswich Roof Restoration Comapny, our team is fully-qualified and suitably-experienced to cater for your requirements. Having been on more than three thousand roofs in eight years of industry experience, Melissa Scull leads the way in ensuring one hundred percent client satisfaction with Choice Roof Restoration. Well-informed and knowledgeable about Ipswich Roof Restoration requirements, repairs or replacement, Mel will answer your questions and queries and exceed expectations in assisting you. Putting clients first as a family-owned and operated company which is client-focused, Tony Nash operates the business with efficiency and has built a solid reputation within the industry. Armed with more than twenty years of experience within the roofing and building industry, Tony is professional, reliable and will complete your task with a smile. A fully-qualified roof tiler with more than twenty years of industry experience, Jake Butcher delivers premium-quality Ipswich roof restorations, repairs and replacement and is one of the most qualified roof tilers in Brisbane. No job is too big or small for Jake and he enjoys a challenge or two.  We are a proud team who work hard to accomplish results for clients and deliver outstanding service to ensure that people have a functional roof over their head.