Roof Restoration

Restore your roof’s lustre with Choice Roof Restoration Qld.

Step One
● Inspection/Repair/Replace
Step Two
● The roof is high pressure washed
● Water Redirection is used to prevent overflow entering Drainage and Water
Step Three
● Rebed if necessary and Repoint all Ridge Caps with flexible acrylic pointing mix
Step Four
●The entire roof area is sealed to ensure strong adhesion
Step Five
● Two coat application encapsulating the surface
Step Six
● Clean and Tidy site

Are you looking for a reliable Roof Inspector in Ipswich?

Roof Restoration is an investment but our Roof inspector from roof restoration Ipswich team will give you a sharp quote in your budget that you can get the money back when you put your house on the market for sale. Let’s face it no one wants to pay for the bill that does not get worth back.

Because a roof restoration bill is not inexpensive, a roof inspection is something that you need to count on it. There might be a chance that you do not need roof restoration, it might be just simple as a repair only. At Choice Roof Restoration, you might save some money as we bring our roof knowledge and know-how to your house so that you can invest money that exactly how much you need to spend as well as get the job done correctly.

Our job as a roof inspector, we can tell you how long your roof will last and how much will cost to finish your project. In order to identify tiny issues sooner before they bring more issues to your pocket, we will send only well trained and experienced roof inspector to your site, therefore, your roof last longer and keep the maintenance cost low.

If you are thinking about house renovation for resale value, call Tony or Mel(0438 003 213) for the experienced advice that does not cost a fortune. You can secure your renovation schedule with us with confidence. Our roof inspection will give you that peace of mind that your insurance will confirm your project soundly and peacefully.

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