Another Incredible Roof Restoration, Ipswich



From 70’s Mission Brown to the Modern Surf Mist. Roof colours have certainly come a long way over time. With many new products being created and improved daily, there really is no better time to give the outside of your home a facelift. What a refreshing difference a Roof Restoration can make.

Have you ever been curious what the steps are to a roof restoration? No worries, we’ll tell you right now!

Step One
● Inspection/Repair/Replace. We assess the condition of your roof and advise on what needs to be repaired or replaced.

Step Two
● The roof is high pressure washed to remove grime, dirt, leaves and leave a clean, prepped surface.
● Water Redirection is used to prevent overflow entering Drainage and Water

Step Three
● Rebed if necessary and Repoint all Ridge Caps with flexible acrylic pointing mix

Step Four
●The entire roof area is sealed to ensure strong adhesion

Step Five
● Two coat application encapsulating the surface

Step Six
● Clean and Tidy site

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