With shows such as The Block and House Rules, dominating the television screens, DIY
home renovations have become increasingly popular. Unfortunately, too many
homeowners are putting themselves at risk of serious injury by not adhering to safety

Our Inspection Process

Using a gutter guard to protect the gutters, we safely climb onto the roof and look for
damage. With a camera, we take photos of the roof, highlighting any damage. Once the
inspection is complete, we’ll determine the best course of action for the roof.
If your roof is tiled, the key signs of damage we look for is:
-Broken/cracked tiles
-Roof add-ons, including solar panels and skylights

Damage to a tin roof can cause significant problems in the future, including:
-Re-roofing (if the damage is significant)

Why Your Roof Needs an Inspection

Your roof is an essential part of the home as it keeps us safe from the outside climate. As
such, the humble roof is not immune from damage caused by external factors. Regular

roof inspections ensure your home is free from any potential hazards. Even the smallest
crack can lead to bigger issues in the future.
At Choice Roof Restoration, we want our clients to have peace of mind when we conduct a
roof inspection. For a free inspection of your roof and gutter, call the experts.
Never do any work you are not comfortable with. Our team has experience in conducting
roof inspections. For a free roof inspection on your home, contact Choice Roof
Restoration today by calling, (07) 3294 6706.