Knowledge and experience are vital when it comes to ensuring quality roofing workmanship.
As a leading roof restoration specialist, it is our mission to ensure every roof is properly
restored. We service all homes in and around the Ipswich area and throughout South-East

Our Roofing Services

Queensland is known for its beautiful sunshine and torrential downpours. Because of the
weather patterns, our roofs bear the full force of Mother Nature, which can result in
damage that, if left untreated can lead to bigger problems in the future.
At Choice Roof Restorations, our roofing services include:
H2: Roof Restorations
A roof restoration is essential to the health of your roof. After an inspection, your roof is
cleaned with a high-pressure hose (4000 psi) to remove any grime and dirt. Once cleaned,
primer sealer and 2 top coats of roof coat membrane bonds to the roof.

Roof Replacement

When a roof encounters significant damage, it may need to be replaced. Choice Roof
Restoration is fully licensed to undertake a full roof replacement and gutter installation.

Roof Repairs

Minor damage and roof leaks can easily be repaired in a matter of hours. We can repair all
aspects of a roof, including:
-Replacing broken/cracked tiles
-Replace old or damaged valleys
-Re-bed loose ridge capping
-Re-Point all ridge capping using flexible acrylic mortar
-Repair battens

Gutters and Downpipes

If your gutters or downpipes are damaged, it will have a flow-on effect to the rest of your
home. Our team will inspect your gutters and determine if they need to be replaced.
No matter the service your roof requires, Choice Roof Restorations is here to help. To
book your roof in for a repair contact us today on (07) 3294 6706. Our qualified team will
have your roof looking brand new in no time.