Damage to your roof can leave any homeowner feeling a little guttered. Luckily, with
Choice Roof Restoration, our team will ensure your roof is repaired and restored quickly
and professionally.

Our Roofing Services

As a leading roofing specialist in Ipswich, our qualified team has worked on many
residential roofs. At Choice Roof Restoration, our experience in the roofing industry puts
us at the forefront of quality workmanship.
Our roofing services include:
-Roof restorations
-Roof replacements (we hold all relevant licenses)
-Roof repairs
-Gutter and downpipes replacements
Every home should be well protected from the outside elements. Which is why we ensure
all restorations and repair work is satisfactory upon completion.

Not Happy, Don’t Pay

No this is not some gimmick. If our clients are not 100% happy with any finished work, they
don’t pay until the work is satisfactory. When working with Choice, our team are in
constant communication with our clients. We want to ensure they are happy with the work
and are kept up to date with the work progress.

10 Year Warranty

We are committed to ensuring our clients not only receive exceptional workmanship but
are covered in case of damage. No matter what the service, all our roofing services come
with a 10-year warranty.
When you book in a roofing service with Choice Roof Restoration, we communicate with
clients throughout the entire process. For more about our services and a free quote,
contact us today by calling (07) 3294 6706.